Septembrie 2018
Ganduri bune, vesti bune, dragi oameni frumosi ! :)
In curand, o noua grupa de Tango Argentinian! :)
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» 31 Iulie - 3 August 2014, Brasov
Transylvania Tango Fest
Editia a 7-a

» Teatrul Sica Alexandrescu Brasov:
Spectacolul "Fazanul"
Duminica, 6 Iulie 2014, ora 19:00

Coregrafie si show de tango argentinian: prof.Doina Enache & Csongor Kicsi

» Tanghetto – Electrotango from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sambata, 7 decembrie 2013
Show de tango argentinian sustinut de Doina Enache si Laurentiu Lungianu (Bucuresti)



19.00 - 20.30: "Ora de Tango" – prof. Doina Enache
20.30 - 23.00: Practica Nada Mas (pentru incepatori si intermediari)


0723.593.693 – Doina
Tango Nada Mas

TTF2012 - Tango Maestros

Ismael Ludman

Ismael Ludman was born in Patagonia Argentina in the year 1977. When he was 17 he moved to Buenos Aires where tango was getting deeper and closer in his life.

His education to become a Tango dancer includes a diverse range of schools and stiles of Buenos Aires Tango. An education that was shared with other disciplines as Dance-Theatre, Contact Improvisation and Euthonia.

He has been part of, as a teacher and performer, in international Tango festivals in Argentina, Germany, Holland, Spain, The Czech Republic, France, England, Poland, Italy and Turkey. Beside that he has brought his work as a teacher in almost all the European countries and the middle east as in very important Tango schools of Buenos Aires.

His vision has taken him from the folkloric essence of Argentine Tango towards a more universal and even spiritual approach where the woman/man dance meeting, focus in the communication and balance, is the center.

He has gain an important reputation because of his skills as a teacher and his very personal way of moving into the Tango dance.

Nowadays he is the concept creator and co-organizer of Ibiza Tango Love, where Tango meets with Tai-chi, Contact Improvisation and Tantra.

Some inspirational links:

Ronen Khayat and Maya Schwartz

Ronen Khayat founded his company – Dance Tel Aviv – with the intention of discovering where/how ballet, modern dance and tango intersect.

Born in Israel, Ronen moves to San Francisco in the 80s to continue his training at The Ballet Academy of San Francisco. He combines extraordinary stage performances with a flourishing teaching career.

Along the years, he danced in the United States with Metamorph Dance Company, San Francisco LAB Project and Santa Rosa Ballet Company. He also participated in "Carnegie Hall’s Tango Nuevo" and "Dream of Tango" at Byham Theatre in New York. Broadway critics saluted Ronen’s extraordinary performance in Tango 1st Century.

His passion for tango grew as he studied with masters of our times, including Carlos Gavito, Fabian Salas, Ricardo Calvo, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida.


Born in Israel, Maya Schwartz is a professional dancer of modern dance and ballet, being a graduate of ‘Alon’ school of art. She continued to study dance al ‘Wingate Institute’, becoming a dance instructor. After that she also obtained a degree Bachelor of Education in Arte.

As a Tango dancer, Maya performed with Ronen in various tango shows, including “Tango Sin Fronteras” together with “Pitango” orchestra of tango, performance accompanied live by “otros Aires’ tango orchestra etc.

Maya teaches at ‘Dance TelAviv’ studio and she is known for the clarity and quality of her instructions, for her ability to express ‘the essence of tango’ to her students.



Teachers of Dance Meditation

Kiran Mihaela and Prem Jivan

Jivan and Kiran dance, work, meditate and explore life & love together since 2004. On the dance floor they experiment with tango, contact improvisation, trance dance, 5 rhythms.

In 2007 they founded Studio Experimental in Bucharest – creating a place where they share and keep exploring themselves: Meditation, Tantra, Trance Dance, Contact Improvisation, etc…They live meditation, tantra and trance dance as ways of getting more grounded, connected, present and aware. Among innovative events they organized in Bucharest: Praktika Experimental, Meditation Intensive, Barefoot Dancing Parties- Rhythms of Life Celebrations, Contact Improvisation Jams & 5 Rhythms workshops (bringing contact & 5 Rhythms to Bucharest community), Social Meditations gatherings.

Active DANCE meditations - Exploring awareness & presence

Active meditations can be an enjoyable way to start or end the day, energizing ourselves or unwinding, centering, opening doors towards awareness and presence. Meditation supports us to connect to a silent vast space inside which is always there even when everything keeps moving, including ourselves.
We will explore some of the active meditations that combine movement, dance with stillness, using sometimes shaking, breathing as tools to energize ourselves, to ground, center and connect to our body (on a sensory level), to our senses, to the present moment.

We will use Dance Meditation as a tool to listen and connect to our body, our senses, our energy, our inner dance. When we listen to ourselves, to our energy, we can listen to the other.

We will explore together Dance, Bio-energetic movements, Breathing and Meditation techniques to move and arise our natural life energy.